Friday, January 5, 2007

Possible uses

Post photos of unusual birds, plants, mammals, fungi, molds, mollusks, minerals.

Share little known interesting features from your home town that you have intimate knowledge of. Attract tourists to your region. Bottle up elk droppings and sell them as souvenirs.

Invisible borders become visible - "Hey! What are you doing on my property. Ah, well... Call me at xxxxxx if you want a cup of coffee."

Eventually, archeologists will not have to physically dig for clues. They can watch the accumulated video, image and other material that has been stored on the location over the years.

Reviews covering just about anything, from restaurants to views from mountaintops.

Targeted ads to the traveler who accepts them.

"I will allow ads for restaurants between 12.00 and 14.00 if they serve asian or mexican food. But without MSG, thank you."

Accumulate images of an area and enhance the resolution of the images in Google Earth, down to individual sand grains. Add 3D data not already in Google Earth. Add detail to 3D-buildings.

- Hurray!
- Who said that?
- We, the hard disk manufacturers.

You could have a virtual travel companion that tells you interesting facts about the area you are passing through. This could be simple recordings made by someone traveling the same road, adapted to your speed.

Subscriptions to travel guides by your favorite historian, geologist or comedian.


Implement localized data collection to test if dowsing actually works. Hook up your GPS-enabled divining rod to the internet, and when an area thoroughly have been mapped, you will get a fine looking map of Curry, Hartmann and Ley Lines and double crosses if it works or more or less random noise if doesn't work.

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